India’s National Education Policy

I had an opportunity to host a discussion through Overseas Friends of BJP – United Kingdon for the first time under the title called Varathalaap. 

Many of you are aware that India’s first Education Policy was passed and implemented in 1986. After thirty-four years, the National Education Policy (NEP) for India has been updated, revised and approved on 29 July 2020 by the Modi Government. The policy signifies a huge milestone for India’s Education system, which will certainly make India an attractive destination for higher education world-wide

The policy is based on the pillars of “Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability, Accountability” and will transform India into a vibrant knowledge hub.

The panelists include Bikram ji from Basingstoke, Vaishali ji from Watfrod, London and Shobhaji who is an expat now based in India

Watch this video and get updated more about the policy, the key purpose, take aways and also the implementation as well as the information on how the policy is aligned to UK and worldwide Education System.