Be safe, stay safe and look after yourselves

Dear Friends,

Greetings from UK!

Today we are all angry, in fear at the same time learning the hard ways to accept that we are just helpless against the nature! We can only do our “Karma” without any expectation but we still need to work for a mission and vision else disastrous end will be in waiting.

Friends, the world was moving fast, we were all geared up to have a wonderful spring and Easter break. Until March 6th there were only few cases of COVID here in UK although of us kept hearing the Italy situation on news and media but today after 3 weeks it is making us to believe that we are in a war situation. Only difference is that we are fighting the war against one enemy that is invisible and spreading slowly in each country!

Me being an IT Consultant and a knowledge worker, sometime feel lucky to have the privilege of working from home but what about those front line nurses and doctors and people working in department stores, education sector etc.? Its our individual responsibility to do our best to help these people.

First COVID case in UK was recorded on 31st Jan 2020 and today we have about 19K confirmed infections and more than 1000 deaths. The NHS frontline staffs are reeling under pressure. The health workers, pharmacists, police force, people in the service industry are also humans and they have to take care of their family. Today, price Charles, UK PM, Health Secretary and CMO all tested positive for this virus. There are many more who are not tested yet spreading the virus in public places.

Imperial College London have calculated that the UK will avoid 260,000 deaths if it keeps on the same path seen in China. It is expected that coronavirus lockdown on course to ‘reduce death rate from 260,000 to 5,700’ but it needs everyone to follow the rules strictly. In this situation, what is our responsibility? We simply have to stay back home and avoid completely going outside and keep away from people at least 2 meters.

The world was already moving at a fast pace. This outbreak has shown that we need to pause and look at our family and people around to ensure everyone is safe.  We have seen examples of our Kannadigas who have helped students in Italy to reach their home country. Not only that, here in UK, community and diaspora is coming forward to send free meals for elderly and many other steps to help those in need. The number of people who have volunteered to help the NHS in its fight against coronavirus has passed half a million; double the government’s recruitment target. Many from the Indian community have signed up as volunteers.

Lets hope good things continue to happen while we come out of this horrible situation.

Be safe, stay safe and look after yourselves. Lets hope for the best.