Cricket – Spin Gyaan

Spin bowling is made up of many different factors, that when put together can make you a great player, but because there’s so many different factors there are lots of different complicated terms that you will become more aware of the more you play, this page should hopefully tell you everything you need to know about “the basics” of spin bowling.

Leg Spin: Leg spin is the principle of getting the ball to move from right to left when pitching, if bowled well the ball should move away from a right handed batsmen. Leg spin is often referred to as wrist spin, this is because the wrist is used in order to generate spin on the ball. Batsmen are known to be bad at playing leg spin, however it is a difficult art to master, and it’s no surprise that leg spinners are typically inaccurate.

Off Spin (right handed): A good off spinner will get the ball to move from left to right after pitching, in towards a right handed batsmen. Off spin is sometimes referred to as finger spin, because the fingers moving are the key to getting the ball to off-spin.





Drift: Drift is a spin bowler’s form of swing, the basic idea of drift is to get the ball to move in the air, before pitching, drift can occur from a number of reasons.

  1. Wind, if it’s windy enough the ball can be blown in one direction.
  2. Shine, like swing, drift can occur when the ball is bowled with a straight seam, the ball will generally drift away from the shiney side.
  3. The amount of spin put on the ball causes the ball to drift, a leg spinner will usually get the ball to drift in to a right hander, and an off spinner will get the ball to drift away.

Accuracy: With accuracy a spin bowler would be worthless, “putting the ball in the right place” will stop batsmen taking runs, and also aid you getting wickets. “the right place to bowl” is often considered to be the place where the batsmen least wants you to pitch the ball.

Variation: Once you have become good at your stock ball (your off spinner, or leg spinner) it is worth trying out some variation balls, variation balls, are balls that behave differently from your stock ball, they might be quicker, slower, bounce more, bounce less, turn a different way, or be more flighted. Variation balls can often be good wicket taking balls, that when used correctly can confuse the batsmen. It is a good idea to make your variation ball(s) look similar to your stock ball, (in flight and out of your hand) this is so the batsmen cannot “pick” the ball that you are bowling. The most important thing to remember is not to bowl your variation ball too often, this can ruin your stock ball, you should only bowl your variation ball(s) about 10% of the time, and your stock ball the other 90%.

So now that you have the general idea of what spin bowling is all about, why not practice these types of spins?



Rahul Dravid

When India take on England in their last final ODI at Cardiff on Friday, 16th September, our wall Rahul Dravid will be playing his last and final ODI of his career! The die-hard fans of Rahul will miss his cool presence in the limited edition of the game. Whole India will be watching his final match to honour his great service to the Indian cricket.

Today, there are many young Indians criticise Dravid about him being a liability for the Indian team, criticize his batting style in ODIs, his slow nature of scoring etc. etc. I will advise them to look his career from 15 years back to understand his method and approach on how and why Dravid became the player to score more than 10,000 runs in both form of the game. He was our main man in crisis for the Indian team and he is our man in crisis even today!.

It will be interesting to see how he would finish his last match of the career when India is again in a crisis with no wins from this England tour. He is in good form. I wish he scores a fitting century to help India achieve its first victory in England.

Indian Cricket Infrastructure

Village Cricket Pitch in UKI am trying to find differences between England and India in all aspects of the cricket game. We all know that how powerful our BCCI but there is is a fundamental difference in the attitude of our cricket administrators back in India.

I grew up in a small village in India. During my childhood days we used play with the tennis ball. There were no proper facilities or infrastructure for my generation young aspiring kids to take up season cricket ball and start the game as professionals. What I have seen over the years is that some of the players who played very good tennis ball cricket got recognised at the college/university level and started playing zone level at the later stage but none of them in my age group got recognised in the Ranji level or got selected for the Karnataka team. In contrast to India, there are loads of local cricket clubs affiliated to ECB here in UK. You just have to make one phone call to the club; they invited you to the nets and you can start playing for the club teams every Saturday and Sunday! Of course there will be a minimum membership fee but that membership fee is limited to only working class people not for kids and unemployed! The ground is well maintained by a dedicated grounds man and facilities are world class. We know that how rich is our Indian cricket board and the financial condition of English cricket board as compared to BCCI. The point is that although there is a rich cricket board in India, the people who manage them are busy on making loads and loads of money but in reality they really do not care much about the cricket administration. If they have the will power to develop cricket at the grass root level, the Indian board with so much surplus money should invest them in each and every town places, provide better facility like basic ground, pitches, pavilion, nets and changing rooms etc. Every village in UK has cricket clubs and pubs. It provides a great atmosphere for young lads to play game, have some chat with senior members of the club and some good time at the pub. Its hard to replicate the counties and clubs model in India, but even if the BCCI invests one good club in every taluk place, it will be a great achievement. The big cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai etc have very good, high class international standard facilities but compared to the population of India and the kind of competition we have, those clubs are meant for rich people, people who often have connections to the current national or state cricket players or administrators.

The question is why don’t we produce quality fast bowlers in India? Why don’t we no more produce quality spinners like Venkataraghavan, Bishan Singh Bedi and E. Prasanna? The point is, if you want to develop good talent, nurture those talents the board needs to work at the grass root level not keep boasting about the IPL.

India Edged at Edgbaston!

“Just woke up here in California and saw the score: Sehwag 0, Sachin 1. This shows what I have believed all along, that Sachin is an infinitely better batsman than Sehwag in English conditions.”

Some cheer for Indian captain after hitting a six!!

“SIX, Dhoni! Suddenly the wicket is looking like Wankhede… Walks down at Bresnan and slogs him across the line for a six over cow corner”

“Is India’s tail about to “do an England” and get them out of trouble?” asks Mike H. Funny that when England did come back, it was said they had “done an India”. The point of reference being the last two years obviously!

“11 Indians stuck in riot at Birmingham,” chirps Ravi. “Please help them.” Teehee.

“Indians are dancing to the Looney Tunes,” writes Narayan, charmingly. “Cannot hide behind the lame excuse of injuries and form. None including BIG 3 or 5 able to cement their feet to the ground.”

“ENOUGH ! Please stop this insipid play. Give the Indians their IPL jerseys now, let SRK give inspiring speech, let Mallya pour in some beer and let Ambani announce a trillion $ for each player if they get English out in the next Half hour !”

“There’s a professional trumpeter in the audience who has just played a completely deadly terrific rendition of the theme from Rocky just after Pietersen whacked Mishra for six.”

Corporate Cricket with SAS

I was bit nervous to see some early showers in the morning. As the day progressed, my confidence grew! At last the sun was at its best and so do was everyone down in Marlow SAS institute. We had a great lunch followed by some business talks. Everything was perfect to start the gentlemen game. The ground looked nice and tidy. The gorundsman had done a great job to soak some water from the centre pitch although it was bit damp and sticky due to persistent rain for couple of days! Nevertheless the toss was pretty much on. My captain won the toss and rightly elected to field! It was a wise decission considering the nature of the pitch and the opposition we were playing. After a team photograph, the action was shifted to the game! The first over from Nikhil was an eventful over with few wides but he held the nerve to finish it with a great style. The SAS batsman were caught between defence and attack, they were not really threatening. After Nikhil and Sandep’s brief two overs spells, I got my turn to bowl. I managed to keep a good line and length for the entire 4 over spell. The captain was impressed with my bowling. He called an important decission making meeting to check with the team whether to go for the win or to provide everyone in the team an opportunity! Rightly, the group decided to go for the win..SAS scored 115 of 20 overs. Thanks to a great fielding effort by some of our young players!

The chase was not a challenging one, but the good show on the field inspired me to take up the openers role. I started slowly playing with defense, nudging singles and providing the other batsman as much as strike possible. In between I pulled a nice gifting delivery to the boundary. It was a great opening stand and we were riding fast towards the victory.. Rest of our batsmen ensured we reached the target of 115 within 12 overs! Everything else is now a history!
What a game that was! The spirit and enthusiasm was always at its best!

Tips on Cricket Shoes

Spiked shoes were created to help with playing on soft ground, and cricket spikes are no different. Knowing where to look for cheap, quality cricket shoes is vital if you want to save money yet still purchase high quality shoes. Choosing the right shoes for your style and build can make the difference between playing well, and playing badly or getting injured. Cricket Spikes Shoes are one of the most important parts of your cricket equipment; you wear them at all times and they provide you with the grip required to play the game. The difference with your cricket spikes is that they have more than one purpose compared to your other equipment, such as gloves and bat – when playing cricket you sometimes need to bowl, bat and run short or long distances to try and catch the ball – all very demanding on your legs. It’s All About Comfort Having cricket spikes that are comfortable should be the most important thing when you’re on the lookout for some new shoes. Comfort is imperative in all cricket equipment, but in cricket shoes it can stop your feet aching and make it easier to walk. Plus, if you choose the right cricket shoes with cricket spikes then you will have the proper ankle support to aid in avoiding any nasty ankle injuries. When choosing your shoes it’s recommended that you avoid the common mistake of deciding on looks over comfort!
Spiked Shoes Cricket spikes are extremely helpful because they dig into the ground and prevent you from slipping or falling over. There are different types of cricket spikes you should choose depending on what type of cricket player you are: Bowler: If you’re a bowler you should choose shoes with spikes that cover the complete sole of the shoe – this will give you the necessary grip to bowl effectively. You may also want extra support for the ankle in the form of a boot rather than a shoe. Batsman: For batting, ensure you purchase shoes that only have spikes at the front of the shoe, with a little bit of grip near the rear. This will ensure you can perform the usual movements of a batsman effectively. Half-spike or multi-function shoes are ideal. Multi-function shoes can be converted to full spike or full rubber soles to suit all grounds. They are ideal if you bat and bowl too. Getting the right spikes on your cricket shoes is important, but it’s not as important as choosing shoes that fit you well and are comfortable. Buying cricket shoes online does not have to mean you end up with shoes that don’t fit or are not comfortable! However, you need to make sure you do your research on the particular shoes you’re interested in, by searching through forums and such online.
When purchasing cricket shoes online ensure you stick to the following 3 rules: • Brand – don’t look for the brand first. Yes, it’s important to purchase quality, but if you do your research you may find that a new or relatively unknown brand actually put a lot of effort in to creating cricket shoes that are comfortable and well made. search through the web for reviews of the shoes you’re interested in. This will help you to overcome the loss of not being able to try the shoes on. Ensure the company you buy the shoes from have a returns policy that suits you.

Open letter by a crazy Indian fan…

Dear Sachin/God,
I have followed you from the day you entered into the mainstream cricket. You were the euphoria at the time when I was just 8th standard kid enjoying the gully cricket played with my boarding school mates. We always used to get excited to hear, read and listen about your talent and we used to die hard to see you live on TV.
I remember being awake on early hours of one Sunday when you belted the Kiwi attack by making 82 runs from just 49 balls. Every stroke you played during that brisk innings made me feel like you, little master would rule the cricketing word for centuries to come.
If I have to define the key moments of yours, it’s extremely difficult to pick and choose, because, every match, every innings and every ball you have played for the last 22 years has a class, charm and elegance written all over it. You started your career at the age of 16 and now after 22 years, you still look like a teenager. The best of the best titles like SIR, MASTER, and LEGEND would not be enough to describe the genius of  you, Sachin Tendulkar.
People say that Sir Donald Bradman was the best ever batsman and the records speak volumes about Sir Donald Bradman. He is described as the greatest batsman who ever lived and the greatest cricketer of the 20th century.
Every Indian would agree you are the Don Bradman of our era. Beside the mountain of runs you have scored in cricket one should not forget the pressure of 1.2 billion people who think that anything less than 100 for you is a failure and this thing makes you unique that for past 22 years you have successfully carried the expectations of each and every Indian.
The world cup comes every four years but the centuries will come every match for you.
I wish you and your team all the best and focus on winning the World Cup 2011 not just for you but for the entire Indian nation.
Let the Lankans get the nightmares of the 2011 final for the next four years to come!

Free advice for men in blue!!

I was just going through some media feeds about forthcoming Cricket World Cup quarter final of India Vs Australia! Its evident that the whole media, ex-cricketers and analysts nowadays have forgotten their daily diet and preaching only about what sort of strategyrequired for the Indian team! Here are some of the links and what they have to say!

  1. Five things India must do to beat Australia
  2. Good and bad for India at Ahmedabad
  3. Little Master will do it for India
  4. Experts: India better than Australia
  5. India vs Australia: We are a better side, says Sourav Ganguly
  6. Will the real India please stand up?
  7. Looks like Aussies are following England, here is what Aussie say about it:We’ll silence India crowd, says Aussie coach

I am sure there will be many more things said before the first ball is being bowled..


Cool Cricket Commentry

“Clean as a whistle that’s gone through a washing machine cycle.” Splendid.

“Crisp shot. Crisp as a Ready Salted that’s been baking under the Mumbai summer Sun.”

“Mendis is like stock market.. was extremely good first half of 2008 then crashed! and still trying to recover..” LoL!