Free advice for men in blue!!

I was just going through some media feeds about forthcoming Cricket World Cup quarter final of India Vs Australia! Its evident that the whole media, ex-cricketers and analysts nowadays have forgotten their daily diet and preaching only about what sort of strategyrequired for the Indian team! Here are some of the links and what they have to say!

  1. Five things India must do to beat Australia
  2. Good and bad for India at Ahmedabad
  3. Little Master will do it for India
  4. Experts: India better than Australia
  5. India vs Australia: We are a better side, says Sourav Ganguly
  6. Will the real India please stand up?
  7. Looks like Aussies are following England, here is what Aussie say about it:We’ll silence India crowd, says Aussie coach

I am sure there will be many more things said before the first ball is being bowled..




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