India Edged at Edgbaston!

“Just woke up here in California and saw the score: Sehwag 0, Sachin 1. This shows what I have believed all along, that Sachin is an infinitely better batsman than Sehwag in English conditions.”

Some cheer for Indian captain after hitting a six!!

“SIX, Dhoni! Suddenly the wicket is looking like Wankhede… Walks down at Bresnan and slogs him across the line for a six over cow corner”

“Is India’s tail about to “do an England” and get them out of trouble?” asks Mike H. Funny that when England did come back, it was said they had “done an India”. The point of reference being the last two years obviously!

“11 Indians stuck in riot at Birmingham,” chirps Ravi. “Please help them.” Teehee.

“Indians are dancing to the Looney Tunes,” writes Narayan, charmingly. “Cannot hide behind the lame excuse of injuries and form. None including BIG 3 or 5 able to cement their feet to the ground.”

“ENOUGH ! Please stop this insipid play. Give the Indians their IPL jerseys now, let SRK give inspiring speech, let Mallya pour in some beer and let Ambani announce a trillion $ for each player if they get English out in the next Half hour !”

“There’s a professional trumpeter in the audience who has just played a completely deadly terrific rendition of the theme from Rocky just after Pietersen whacked Mishra for six.”



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