Indian Cricket Infrastructure

Village Cricket Pitch in UKI am trying to find differences between England and India in all aspects of the cricket game. We all know that how powerful our BCCI but there is is a fundamental difference in the attitude of our cricket administrators back in India.

I grew up in a small village in India. During my childhood days we used play with the tennis ball. There were no proper facilities or infrastructure for my generation young aspiring kids to take up season cricket ball and start the game as professionals. What I have seen over the years is that some of the players who played very good tennis ball cricket got recognised at the college/university level and started playing zone level at the later stage but none of them in my age group got recognised in the Ranji level or got selected for the Karnataka team. In contrast to India, there are loads of local cricket clubs affiliated to ECB here in UK. You just have to make one phone call to the club; they invited you to the nets and you can start playing for the club teams every Saturday and Sunday! Of course there will be a minimum membership fee but that membership fee is limited to only working class people not for kids and unemployed! The ground is well maintained by a dedicated grounds man and facilities are world class. We know that how rich is our Indian cricket board and the financial condition of English cricket board as compared to BCCI. The point is that although there is a rich cricket board in India, the people who manage them are busy on making loads and loads of money but in reality they really do not care much about the cricket administration. If they have the will power to develop cricket at the grass root level, the Indian board with so much surplus money should invest them in each and every town places, provide better facility like basic ground, pitches, pavilion, nets and changing rooms etc. Every village in UK has cricket clubs and pubs. It provides a great atmosphere for young lads to play game, have some chat with senior members of the club and some good time at the pub. Its hard to replicate the counties and clubs model in India, but even if the BCCI invests one good club in every taluk place, it will be a great achievement. The big cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai etc have very good, high class international standard facilities but compared to the population of India and the kind of competition we have, those clubs are meant for rich people, people who often have connections to the current national or state cricket players or administrators.

The question is why don’t we produce quality fast bowlers in India? Why don’t we no more produce quality spinners like Venkataraghavan, Bishan Singh Bedi and E. Prasanna? The point is, if you want to develop good talent, nurture those talents the board needs to work at the grass root level not keep boasting about the IPL.



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