Open letter by a crazy Indian fan…

Dear Sachin/God,
I have followed you from the day you entered into the mainstream cricket. You were the euphoria at the time when I was just 8th standard kid enjoying the gully cricket played with my boarding school mates. We always used to get excited to hear, read and listen about your talent and we used to die hard to see you live on TV.
I remember being awake on early hours of one Sunday when you belted the Kiwi attack by making 82 runs from just 49 balls. Every stroke you played during that brisk innings made me feel like you, little master would rule the cricketing word for centuries to come.
If I have to define the key moments of yours, it’s extremely difficult to pick and choose, because, every match, every innings and every ball you have played for the last 22 years has a class, charm and elegance written all over it. You started your career at the age of 16 and now after 22 years, you still look like a teenager. The best of the best titles like SIR, MASTER, and LEGEND would not be enough to describe the genius of  you, Sachin Tendulkar.
People say that Sir Donald Bradman was the best ever batsman and the records speak volumes about Sir Donald Bradman. He is described as the greatest batsman who ever lived and the greatest cricketer of the 20th century.
Every Indian would agree you are the Don Bradman of our era. Beside the mountain of runs you have scored in cricket one should not forget the pressure of 1.2 billion people who think that anything less than 100 for you is a failure and this thing makes you unique that for past 22 years you have successfully carried the expectations of each and every Indian.
The world cup comes every four years but the centuries will come every match for you.
I wish you and your team all the best and focus on winning the World Cup 2011 not just for you but for the entire Indian nation.
Let the Lankans get the nightmares of the 2011 final for the next four years to come!



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