Paid Journalism

Today, I must admit, I hate to watch these Indian private news channels. There are number of news channels these days trying to sensationalise small incidents trying to project as if something big has happened and going to happen. One of this example is on Church attacks in India these days. I am seeing number of news channels reporting these happenings on a day today basis. I am not arguing here that reporting these incidents is wrong but what is happening in most of these cases is that most of the journalists try to link these incidents to other communal related incidents such as “Ghar Vapsi”, statements given by hardliners etc etc.  Recently, Indian finance minister made it very clear that the those church incidents are mainly related to law and order but the media failed to highlight the factual instead kept reporting on communal lines.

Even today, I was shocked to see a tweet from a leading news daily criticising PM’s speech in Canada to a bizarre analysis of happenings in India. Well, the indian public know that these things do happen and it was happening even when the earlier government was in power. But to project them as a negative sentiment, giving a different twist – isn’t it a paid journalism? Think for yourself….