The Baba and the Bribe!

I have been following closely on the recent political development happening in India. Although, its a great thing happened to our nation when the civil society and Anna movement took place recently to force the current UPA government to consider Lok Pal bill on a fast track, but allegations and counter allegations from Congress, BJP and the Civil Society is something very disturbing and makes me believe that we are living in a pseudo democracy!

The key issue here is very simple. Many countries in the world have their own way of tacking corruption by the public servants, individuals and corporates. We in India seem to have inherited the legacy of giving and taking bribes from our ancestors for ages and it seem to have engraved in our body, soul and blood. When the corruption disease becomes very dangerous, obviously there need to be a proper prescription required to deal with it. We have a ruling government which does not care the needs of the common man. We also have an opposition which is just shouting day night about the issues raised by the common man and the civil society. What India missing is a political party based on the priciple of development, comitted to eradicate poverty, provides clean and good governance, consisting of highly qualified MPs, the list of aspiration goes on..will we ever see that happening? Only time will tell…



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