Tips on Cricket Shoes

Spiked shoes were created to help with playing on soft ground, and cricket spikes are no different. Knowing where to look for cheap, quality cricket shoes is vital if you want to save money yet still purchase high quality shoes. Choosing the right shoes for your style and build can make the difference between playing well, and playing badly or getting injured. Cricket Spikes Shoes are one of the most important parts of your cricket equipment; you wear them at all times and they provide you with the grip required to play the game. The difference with your cricket spikes is that they have more than one purpose compared to your other equipment, such as gloves and bat – when playing cricket you sometimes need to bowl, bat and run short or long distances to try and catch the ball – all very demanding on your legs. It’s All About Comfort Having cricket spikes that are comfortable should be the most important thing when you’re on the lookout for some new shoes. Comfort is imperative in all cricket equipment, but in cricket shoes it can stop your feet aching and make it easier to walk. Plus, if you choose the right cricket shoes with cricket spikes then you will have the proper ankle support to aid in avoiding any nasty ankle injuries. When choosing your shoes it’s recommended that you avoid the common mistake of deciding on looks over comfort!
Spiked Shoes Cricket spikes are extremely helpful because they dig into the ground and prevent you from slipping or falling over. There are different types of cricket spikes you should choose depending on what type of cricket player you are: Bowler: If you’re a bowler you should choose shoes with spikes that cover the complete sole of the shoe – this will give you the necessary grip to bowl effectively. You may also want extra support for the ankle in the form of a boot rather than a shoe. Batsman: For batting, ensure you purchase shoes that only have spikes at the front of the shoe, with a little bit of grip near the rear. This will ensure you can perform the usual movements of a batsman effectively. Half-spike or multi-function shoes are ideal. Multi-function shoes can be converted to full spike or full rubber soles to suit all grounds. They are ideal if you bat and bowl too. Getting the right spikes on your cricket shoes is important, but it’s not as important as choosing shoes that fit you well and are comfortable. Buying cricket shoes online does not have to mean you end up with shoes that don’t fit or are not comfortable! However, you need to make sure you do your research on the particular shoes you’re interested in, by searching through forums and such online.
When purchasing cricket shoes online ensure you stick to the following 3 rules: • Brand – don’t look for the brand first. Yes, it’s important to purchase quality, but if you do your research you may find that a new or relatively unknown brand actually put a lot of effort in to creating cricket shoes that are comfortable and well made. search through the web for reviews of the shoes you’re interested in. This will help you to overcome the loss of not being able to try the shoes on. Ensure the company you buy the shoes from have a returns policy that suits you.



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